About us

Employment agency

Our best qualities

We possess a base of 2000 employees. These people value work which, apart from fair remuneration, provides also long-term, stable employment, and extremely favour, transparent and fair conditions. 2000 people trusted us for a reason.

Over 14 years on Polish and foreign markets. It means all of our actions are efficient and under the law of a given country. You do not have to worry about the procedures and paperwork, as well as transport, accommodation, workwear and tools.

Send us your CV or fill in the contact form and we will contact you. Be ready for departure, because you may be the one, we need right now.

We started as a small family business and now our employees work on many European markets and beyond them. Our dreams are bigger that this, therefore we work hard and develop to provide our clients with what they need, smile, because we have their next worker.

Jan Kowalski, Specialist for recruitment


Fair play

Unlike most agencies, we are also a construction company. Therefore, our knowledge of the market is unparalleled. All trends and changes concern us directly. We are aware how crucial is a team made of qualified workers and experts. You can trust us.

We will help you reduce costs and keep the paperwork as low as possible. Recruitment, medical tests, insurance, and benefits are in the hands of our team of qualified experts. We will also take care of your employee documents.

Headhunter, employer and contractor in one place. As an agency we keep the balance – we provide fair rules both for the employee and the employer.